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14mm Caddx ND8 ND Lens Filter for Special Glass Lens Turtle V2




It used for Caddx Turtle V2 and Caddx Ratel

Brand: Caddx
ND8 14mm:
Variant: ND8 / 14mm (for Spacial Glass Lens)
Weight: 20 g

ND8 is suitable for cloudy days
For mobula7 ,Pls choose (14mm) filters.

Caddx ND filter
To remove Jello,Caddxfpv made a filter for Ratel and Turtle V2,Meanwhile, ND filter will make footage look very clean and clear.

This filter can be used on Turtle v2 (turbo eye—White print around the lens) ,Turtle V2 (special lens) and Ratel(2.1mm lens)

But special lens doesn’t work as well as turbo eye because the surface of special lens is not flat.

Package included:
1 x 14mm Caddx ND8

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