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AFPV SN Sparrow 6 Axis Gyro Airplane Fixed Wing FC Flight Controller



SN Sparrow Flight Controller Stabilizing Gyroscope for FPV RC Airplane

Sparrow Flight Control is a new flight control designed for entry-level fixed-wing users. The model setting and parameter adjustment are simple and clear, the user can adjust the setting more intuitively; Abandoning the traditional fly control complicated wiring form, using a special connector, the input end wire is all integrated together, and the plug can be done at one time; flight performance More optimized, multiple models supportted, multiple flight modes to meet all user needs.

Brand name: SN
Item number: Sparrow
Item name: Flight Controller
Size: 32.5*27*11mm
Weight: 10g

* Support “vertical tail”, “V tail”, “delta wing” models, model settings are more intuitive.
* Supports “horizontal mode”, “final mode”, “fence mode”, “home mode”, “manual mode” 5 flight modes, switch freely, flight experience guaranteed.
* Standard high-precision GPS module, faster and more accurate positioning.
* Small size, 5 in 1 input, 1 plug to get 5 wiring, wiring installation is more convenient.

Sparrow Flight Controller Manual, click here

Pacakge Included:
1x Sparrow Flight Controller
1x Screwdriver

Additional information

Weight 80 g

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