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AKK FX2 MMCX 5.8G Smart Audio w/ Mic 800mW 500mW 200mW 25mW VTX




Please note : MMCX to SMA connector ( Hole Inside )
Mouting stackable: 30.5×30.5mm

AKK has built-in microphone for Audio signal. AKK X2 has a lc filter, which can filter the power and make sure you get clean video. It support parameter adjust and work with Betaflight, and compatible with BF OSD FC. It is worth mentioning that both mmcx and sma connector are available.

Features :
25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW power switchable
Support parameter adjusted and work with Betaflight,flight controller,OSD
Super mini size and light weight,One button frequency and power setup.
7-24V input and can be provides 5V output for your camera.
Filtered power ensure super clean video, born for racing.
Built-in microphone for immersive experience.

The VTX can supply 5V output for Camera. Please make sure your camera is less than 300mA

Enhanced heat dissipation, Lower current than other branded vtx , Higher power consumption available for long range flying(up to 5KM), Lc filter gurantee a clean video, One cool feature about this VTX is that you can mount it on top of your FC/PDB stack thanks to the 30x30mm mounting pattern.

Key features:
Support Parameter-adjusting mode
25mW, 200mW, 500mW and 800mW power switchable
One button frequency and power setup
OSD configuration using FC Uart
7-24V input with 5V output
With MIC

Package included:
1 x 5.8Ghz 40CH 25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW Switchable FPV Transmitter
1x Antenna and cable set
1x Product manual

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