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AKK MS2 5dBI 5.8G LHCP SMA Mini Circular Polarized Mushroom Antenna




Better range, high quality, leafs kept in place with mushroom cover. Left design can greatly improve the stability and controlled distance, and the multipath effect can be avoided effectively. Moreover, it has few dead angles, perfect for quadcopters. Easy to stall and play, high performance with low loss, and the transmitting distance and angle can be widened effectively, this is exactly the main criterion when selecting antenna.

Gain””‘5dBI, Frequency Range””‘5.8G
Polarization””‘Circular polarization
Max Power””’20W, Polarization””‘Circular polarization (LHCP)
Easy to install””‘small size and light weight
Antenna set for fpv transmitter/receiver, monitor, goggles.
Electrical Specifications:
Product Type””‘Camera Mushroom antenna
Frequency Range””‘5.8G
VSWR””‘ 2 :1
Polarization””‘Circular polarization (LHCP)
Max Power””’20W
Max diameter””’35mm
Min diameter””‘7.5mm
Lighting Protection””‘DC Grounded

Package Included:
1 x 5.8G SMA Antenna

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