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Arducopter APM 2.9 SBUS Support 2.6 2.8 Upgraded Flight Controller



Item specifics

Material:Composite Material
Tool Supplies:Battery
Upgrade Parts/Accessories:Adapter
RC Parts & Accs:Connectors/Wiring
Use:Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Technical parameters:Value 6
Model Number:apm2.9
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices:Remote Controller
For Vehicle Type:Airplanes
Four-wheel Drive Attributes:Assemblage
Wheelbase:Bottom Plate

Product Description
APM2.9 is used in the same way as APM2.6, 2.8. The benefit is that APM 2.9 supports SBUS receiver protocols.

Why use the SBUS protocol? The communication speed is fast, the wiring is simple, only one line is needed, unlike each channel of the PWM, the PWM communication speed is slower than SBUS.

The product supports the SBUS receiver protocol and supports the PWM protocol. Before using this product, make sure your receiver is SBUS-enabled. If your receiver does not support SBUS, use the PWM protocol.

Also, you can upload firmware from Mission Planner.Uploading firmware does not affect support for SBUS.

When connect INPUT 2 and 3(Insert Jumper), use SBUS.
Connect your RC Recever to INPUT1 when you use SBUS.

package included:
1x APM2.9 flight controller board

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