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Arkbird 5.8G 12dbic Double Biquad Long Range Antenna Hard Wire RPSMA




ARKBIRD 5.8GHz Double Biquad Antenna is a 12dbic directional antenna suitable for FPV long range system. This antenna can properly meet requirement in definite environment of broadcasting long-distance signal which is receivable in particular range and amongst objects.

I. ARKBIRD 5.8GHz Double Biquad Antenna Basic Parameters

Gain: 12dbic
SWR: 1.03
Inside Double Biquad Antenna:
Connector : RP-SMA Male (Lubang)

II. Advantages

(1). Materials: thickened aluminum sheet, imported materials for core components, high-precision machine cut. Size error of artificial work is about 1.5mm. But size error of Arkbird Antenna made by machine is within 0.1mm.

(2). Simulation and test: all designs have been simulated by computer software. And each antenna has been passed test by professional network analyzer before delivery.

PS: these high gain antennas have a long transmission distance, while they have strong requirement on the correct signal direction; work with Arkbird AAT or Arkbird Mini AAT is a good choice.

(3) Material selection and design optimization: the final outline, materials and feeder have passed more than 10 times of test and they are the best one selected from available supplies.

(4) Standing-wave ratio: it can match the any 50R video receiver. The SWR of this antenna is 1.03.So the efficiency can be ensured at the highest-level. Besides, SWR of most other antennas are just less than 1.7 only.

(5) Arkbird 5.8GHz double biquad antenna design have been passed distance extension test. We find that working distance of Arkbird antenna is 3 times to 6 times that of clover antenna. While being powered by single transmitter which output is 500mW, the extension distance of clover antenna is about 800m and the extension distance of Arkbird 12DB directional antenna is over 3km under the same occasion.

(6) So far, Arkbird 5.8GHz double biquad antenna has a field test of 30KM.

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