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Arkbird 5.8G Mini AAT Auto Antenna Tracker w/ Airborne Module




Product introduction:

ARKBIRD-5.8G Mini AAT (Auto Antenna Tracker) is an antenna tracking system designed for long range video transmission, which allows the high-gain panel antenna on the ground to be always pointing to your plane, greatly improving the transmission range.

ARKBIRD-Mini AAT is integrated with a 5.8G 40chanel video receiver and a 12DB double biquad antenna. It can save time of choosing the said equipment and its optimizing design increases the effective transmission range 3 to 6 times.

1. Frequency channel of 5.8G 40channel video receiver integrated, which can receive frequency between 5725 and 5875 MHz;
2. The double biquad antenna gain reaches 12DB, and its standing-wave ratio is lower than 1.1.
3. Plug and play; Easiest connection with 2 wires only!
4. Standard video transmission channel, which fit for most 5.8GHz video transmitter.

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