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Arkbird Airspeed Sensor for Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 | 2.0 Lite | Nano



Airspeed Sensor

The digital high accuracy airspeed meter of Arkbird 2.0, can calculate the relative speed between the plane and air, which is different from GPS ground speed. As the air speed is a necessary condition for generation of lift force. Insufficient airspeed may cause stall. The airspeed meter collects the speed in front of the plane. As to flying in windy days or when flight is heavy-loaded, it will increase throttle when flying upwind and decrease when flying downwind.

Extension 3P wire can be used. Do not make the orifice get close to the motor so as to avoid airflow interference. After power on, it will be calibrated automatically within 10 seconds. During this period, do not touch the orifice.

-50°C~80°C temp
2.5-5.5 V Power Supply

output protocol only for Arkbird Device
1. Wiring method of airspeed meter and autopilot 2.0
2. Wiring method of airspeed sensor and Arkbird OSD (autopilot 1.0),
After update Autopilot System with OSD to latest firmware V3.1028, it can be compatible with our airspeed sensor.
Connect the black and red wiring to the bottom two ports of the TX port. Then connect yellow wire on the top of RX port.

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