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Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 FPV Flight Controller V2 w/ Air Speed Meter Set



ARKBIRD is a high-accuracy autopilot designed for fixed-wing. It can superimpose OSD (On Screen Display) data on videos and at the same time control the balance, the return and many other maneuvers of your aircraft with high precision. The perfect auto-stabilization system and a plug-and-play design free you from worries and inconveniences and enjoy the beauty of FPV in an instant.

Arkbird OSD 2.0 Includes:
1. High accuracy air-speed meter; with air-speed and ground speed control and protection.
2. New design of shell and internal framework; double CPU; flight performance optimized.
3. High-definition OSD menu with graphical scrollable fighter interface. Menu and flight interface has Chinese version.
4. Integrated AAT airborne module which can cooperate directly with the ground terminal of Arkbird AAT.
5. 7 input channels and 7 output channels; with stability augmentation output on the PTZ.
6. Flap can be intelligent controlled by speed , channel1-7 (aileron-flaps) mix-control selectable; with slow release function, flap value can be displayed on the OSD.
7. More ways of mixed control include delta wing and V-tail wing, and Bi-motor plane, Bi-motor flying wing and butterfly brake (mixed control of 1247channel).
8. Analog RSSI port and PPM port; support Arkbird 433 10channel+RSSI single wire transmission.

Autopilot board Dimensions: 57x42x24mm
Airspeed sensor Dimensions:82x15x10mm
M8N GPS Dimensions:42x34x12mm
Whole set weight:188.4g
Whole set Dimensions: 10X8X6CM

The Newest Firmware is V1.3021

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