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Beta65s V4 Micro FPV 716 Brushed Motor Whoop 65mm Frame – Pink




Finally, the Beta65S V4 is crashing toward us. Thanks so much for Daniel, Michael Anderson, Patrick J. Clarke, Kevin Langlois, Seebastel and Jason Yeo for giving us honest and great advice to our Beta65S frame.Three months since the FB discussion and the Daniel’s comparison video, the brand-new and coolest Beta65S frame made a debut in the end.

Light Weight: only weighs 3.7g compared to the stiff V3 version which weighs 4.1 g

Battery Holder Location: the battery holder location is also changed to a bit higher, enabling pilots to do perfect acro manuver.

Support Struts are strengthened to prevent them from being broken after a harsh crash.

Flexiblility: Beta65S V4 frame is far more flexible than the stiff V3 guy.

Canopy Mounting Pegs: some guys have complained about the missing canopy mounting pegs on V3 frame. The V4 version has been added the pegs again. So now just place the Tiny Whoop canopy and rip it.

LED Holder: Redundant design of the LED holder is removed in the V4 BETA 65S frame.

Frame base: 65mm wheelbase distance
Frame motor holder: 7x16mm coreless motors
Frame Color: Pink
Weight: 3.7g

1 * Beta65S 65mm V4 frame

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Weight 20 g

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