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Cobra 2206 2100KV, CM2206 Racing Edition for ZMR QAV NightHawk


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The Cobra CM-2206 series motors have a 3.0mm motor shaft for extra strength, as well as oversize ball bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life. These motors also have 3mm threaded holes in a 16x19mm pattern on the back plate for easy installation on your model.

The newest version of the CM-2206 series motors feature an integrated 5mm threaded motor shaft which eliminates the chance of having a prop adapter spin off in flight. The included prop washer and nylon insert prop nut provides a solid attachment for your propellers that will not loosen up and slip during use.

Included with every Cobra CM-2206 Series Motor is a complete accessory package which contains the following items:

Four M3x5mm Motor Mount Screws
Four M3 Flat Washers
Machined Aluminum Prop Washer
Locking Prop Nut with Nylon Insert


Stator Diameter 22.0 mm (0.866 in)
Stator Thickness 6.0 mm (0.236 in)
Number of Stator Slots 12
Number of Magnet Poles 14
Motor Wind 20 Turn Delta
Motor Kv Value 2100 RPM per Volt
No Load Current (Io) 0.85 Amps @ 10 Volts
Maximum Continuous Current 25 Amps
Max Continuous Power (3S) 280 Watts
Max Continuous Power (4S) 370 Watts
Motor Weight 36.5 grams (1.29 oz.)
Outside Diameter 27.0 mm (1.063 in.)
Motor Shaft Diameter 3.00 mm (0.118 in.)
Prop Shaft Diameter 5.00 mm (0.197 in.)
Motor Body Length 16.5 mm (0.650 in.)
Overall Shaft Length 35.3 mm (1.390 in.)
Motor Timing 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency 8-20 KHz

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