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DYS X50403-G 3 Blade Propeller 5x4x3 CW CCW Pair 50403 Props Green




Genuine! Bukan copy atau cloningan.
HQ Props 5x4x3 best rival. More solid on throttle feeling.
Review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1bDFiFRe-M

New from DYS are these three blade multirotor props which, at this price, are going to fly out the doors faster than your drone!
Manufactured from tough fibre reinforced nylon they are super efficient and will improve your speed and punch out of the corners.
The props are packaged in pairs with one clockwise and one counter-clockwise rotation. They also come in a range of colours to sharpen up the look of your multirotor and to assist you in the orientation of your model when flying line of sight.
These are perfect for 200 to 300 racing drones and at this super low price you can afford to buy them by the dozen.
Size: 5″
Pitch: 4″
Color: Green

1 x CW
1 x CCW

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Weight 5 g

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