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EWRF e7082VT1s 5.8G 48CH 25mW 100mW 200mW OSD Configuring Transmitter


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Main Features
Adjustable 4 modes: 25mW/100mW/200mW/OFF
Betaflight/Cleanflight OSD setting of power,bands,channels and PitMode
Clean powerup and channel switching without interference to others
PWM channel changes and PitMode setting
Support external OSD and NTSC/PAL switch
Miniature and light weight design

Model: EWRF 7082VTA1S
Frequency: 5.8G 48CH
Transmitting Power25mW/100mW/200mW/OFF(Pitmode)
Power supply: DC 5V
Supply current95mA25mW/130mA100mW/175mA200mW
Resolution:PAL 720×540/NTSC 640×480
Angle of view: H 120o , V 110o
Antenna: Exclusive Dipole Whip
Weight4 g
Dimension28*18.3*5.5 mm

1.Make sure that there is enough space for airflow when installing the module on the drone in case the overheating protection starts to reduce the power even to shut down at the worst.
2. Please install the antenna before powering up for a longer use life.
3. The maximum current of output DC 5V is 300mA.

1X EWRF E7082VT1s 200mW Power 5.8G AIO VTX 48CH FPV Camera

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