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FrSky 900MHz Dipole T Antenna IPEX R9 Slim Slim+ Plus UFL R9M Receiver




T- Antenna For R9 Slim / Slim Plus

Brand: FrSky
Item Name: FrSky Ipex1 Dipole T Antenna

Specification :
Frequency Range: 860-868MHz (LBT) / 900-930MHz (FCC)
Peak Gain: 2.7dBi@864Mhz / 2.6dBi@915Mhz
RF Cable: RF 1.13
Connector: Ipex1
Compatible with receivers: R9 Slim / R9 Slim+ Receiver

Features :
High efficiency
Quick integration

Package Included
1 x FrSky Ipex1 Dipole T Antenna

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