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FSD X-Charger USB Module for FrSky X-lite Xlite Controller XCharger



This charging module is completely compatible with FrSky X-Lite 18500/18650 battery set. Only one USB charging cable is needed to connect to the Xlite Micro USB port for the charging function after you finished the module installation. You don’t need to take the battery out anymore, and will get your batteries fully charged about 3-6 hours in Off mode.

Brand name: FullSpeed
Item name: Battery Charger Module
Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 0.5-2A
Input capacity: 10W
Charger current: about 1.2A
Size: 50*20mm
Weight: 3g
Charging mode: balance charge(Extend battery life)
Suitable for FrSky X-Lite 18500/18650/14500 battery

Note: If you want to use 1.2A charging, you must ensure that your USB Power Adapter output is 5V-2A.

LED signal(charge indicator light):
Blue LED normally on: is charging
Blue LED off: charging completed

Package included:
1* Charger module board
1* Blue LED
1* 4 Pins Cable
2* Fixing screws

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