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FX799T Micro 5.8G 40Ch 200mw Vtx AV Transmitter TX5G2R Lumenier SMA




Finest Video Transmitter
Onboard microphone included.
Bisa mendengarkan Audio ketika FPV tanpa microphone tambahan.

SMA connector ;

40 channel push button video transmitter with LED indicators for band and channel. The push button transmitter makes group flying easier, allowing you to easily change frequencies without the hassle of dip switches. Long press switches bands and short press switches channels. Also features a locking connector to prevent cables from coming out of place. This VTX transmits on bands A,B,E,F and the newer ‘race band’ channels.The 200 is suitable for most situations and doesn’t cause the same level of interference for others as the 600mW while still maintaining good range and some tree penetration.

22x31cm. 7.5g. TX includes a built in microphone, 5V output for camera, Plug and PLay with our 600TVL Mini camera (camera Sold separately)

40channels:Covers 5 Bands
Intuitive and easy to use button and LEDs for frequency selection
Provides 5v power output for FPV cameras
Small sized and light weight
Transmitter frequency:5658-5925MHz with 200mW power output
Transmitting distance> 1000m (open area)
SMAAntenna connector
Dimensions:32*22*9mm (not including SMA adapter)
Audio:Includes on board microphone

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