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FXT Analog 60FPS DVR 720*576 DVR WIFI iOS Android Realtime FPV Share



The FXT Analogue DVR w/ WiFi was designed to take your DVR recordings to the next level. Whereas most built-in goggle DVRs record at 30FPS with bad compression and artifacts, the FXT DVR records in 60FPS with clarity and smooth frame by frame recording. Plus the WiFi functionality gives you the ability to watch your FPV feed directly onto your smartphone or tablet! Which can be used as an FPV monitor (with some small delay) or just used for spectating.

Download directly from the DVR SD card to your mobile device and share to social media!

This DVR makes sharing your FPV footage a breeze! Did we say the companion app is compatible with both Android and iOS? This thing is a no-brainer!

Make sure to connect video input first, then power on DVR
Confirm PAL/NTSC setup for the camera first, then power on DVR
From DVR power-off to repower on, 10-seconds-waiting is required
Record HD video frame rate up to 60FPS
WIFI real-time viewing on a mobile phone.
Support mobile phone directly download recording files from DVR SD card, then share to different platforms.
Size: 60mm X 40mm X 19mm
NTSC: 720×480 Pixels; PAL: 720X576 Pixels
Has power off memory function
The device can be operated via a mobile app
APP is simple and easy to use, with versions that support Android and IOS phone systems
Real-time view of pictures and video playback through a mobile app
Recorded videos and captured images can be downloaded and shared on the web
Device Interface

Recording resolution:720×576(PAL video) or 720×480( NTSC video)
recording frame rate:60FPS
Loop recording: ON/OFF
Photo resolution:720×576 or 720×480
Photo format: JPG
Video segmentation:1M/3M/5M/10M
Video coding:H.264 、JPEG

1 x FXT DVR Analogue 60fps DVR 720×576
1x Cables

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