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Gaoneng GNB 3.8V 250mAh 30C 1S HV Lipo Battery PH2.0 Mobula7 UR65 Tiny




Battery parameter:Gaoneng 3.8V 4.35HV 260mAh 30C/60C 1S Lipo Battery
Continuous Discharge Rate:30C/60C
Weight: About 6g
Size: 55 x 11 x 6.5mm
Battery Connector: PH2.0

Don’t over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.
Don’t put it beside the high temperature condition.
Don’t throw it into fire.
Don’t throw it into water.

Package Included:
1 x Gaoneng 3.8V 4.35HV 250mAh 30C/60C 1S Lipo Battery

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