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HQProp POPO DP 5.1×4.6×3 PC Light Blue Propeller – 3 Blade Set of 4




New chamfered version!
This is the New HQProp POPO Quick Swap compatible !
It also can be used for NON POPO motors.

2x 5.1X4.6X3 CW VS1 propellers
2x 5.1X4.6X3 CCW VS1 propellers

Taille: 5.1 pouces
Pitch: 4.6
Blades: 3
Materiel: Poly Carbonate
Hub Diameter””‘13.3mm
Hub Thicknes””‘7.5mm
Shaft: 5mm
Poids: 4.95g

Additional information

Weight 30 g

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