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ImmersionRC PowerPlay FPV DVR Module h264 60fps for FatShark Goggle



A DVR Created Purely for FPV
The internal DVR on FatShark Dominator Goggles is ‘ok’, but it doesn’t come close to the quality that PAL/NTSC can offer.
Instead of the MJPEG compression used in the Dominator, the PowerPlay uses x264 (AVC) compression, with a much higher bit-rate.
The 30fps frame rate of the Dominator is also doubled to 60fps, which is essential for capturing fluid race footage.

-Powers FatShark Goggles (with power switch)
-h264 Recording, at up to 60fps
-Built-in 6cm LCD display, showing recording + playback
-USB-C Charging
-2x 18500 Cells (Not Included)
– Accessories for Head, or Pocket Mounting

The Power Part…
PowerPlay’s Power section is a pair of two 18500, Li-ion cells, that can power a Dominator H DO + rapidFIRE + DVR for up to 3 hours *.
To recharge, either use the built-in USB-C port for up to 1.5A charging, or simply pop out the cells, and replace with a freshly charged set.
The PowerPlay ships with 1400mAh cells, but larger capacity 2040mAh cells are available from most vape shops, and are the same ones used in the FrSky X-Lite radios, so any decent FPV retailer will stock them. * 3 hours with 2040mAh cells, not shipped with the product

Head Strap
The PowerPlay ships with a head-mounting accessory pack. A quick-release clip mounts on the rear of the standard goggle headstrap, and the new included top-strap ensures a comfortable fit.

Power: 2x 18500 Li-ion cells (without protection circuits)
Power Switch: Yes… powers both the DVR, and the Goggles
Video File Format: h264 (AVC)
Video File Resolution: 720×576 (PAL), 720×480 (NTSC)
Video Data Rate: ~15Mbps (PAL), ~8Mbps (NTSC)
Black Flashy: None

1x PowerPlay DVR
1x Head Strap Clip
1x Over-head Strap
1x Replacement fan cover mounting kit w/Strap clip
1x Short DC/AV ‘Y’ cable for head-mounting use (incl. Fan Power)
1x Long DC/AV ‘Y’ cable for pocket use (incl. Fan Power)

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Weight 100 g

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