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ImmersionRC Tramp Nano 1mW to 500mW 5.8G Video Transmitter VTX




Highest Power in a Tiny Package!

Only 18x13mm, and weighing in at a paltry 1.01g, the Tramp Nano packs quite a punch. Given adequate airflow, output powers of > 500mW (typically 700mW+) are emitted.

Following in its big brother’s footsteps, the Tramp Nano includes high-speed automatic temperature regulation, which avoids overheating transmitters on the starting grid, or after an unexpected landing with lengthy recovery (also with the advantage of saving precious battery power while transmitting a signal for recovery).

The Nano operates from the 5V regulated supply that most flight controllers supply these days, and doesn’t require a dedicated connection to the flight battery.

Smallest 500mW+ vTx in the business.
TNR Touch-free wand control, with new Nano NFC tag
Locking U.FL to SMA cable included
20 x 20mm Carrier PCB, with Gummies Supplied
Traditional button+RGB LED control of frequency and power
1mW -> 500mW+ linear power control
All 48 standard channels
Built-in thermal protection (second gen)
Factory power normalization
Glitch-Free frequency changes
Micro-power pit mode, with built in ‘pit switch’
Additional channels for race events (Race Wand only)
Retail regional locking without opening package

Dimensions: L=18mm x W=13mm x H = 3.2mm
Weight: 1.01g (Tx only, without SMA cable)
Power Output: Programmable, 1mW to > 500mW 1
Channels: 48 standard, arbitrary using race wand
RF Impedance: 50 ohms
RF Connector: U.FL (with Locking Pigtail)
AV Connector: Solder Pads
TNR Connector: Solder Pads
Audio: None
Modulation: FM Video
Pit Frequency: User/Race Organizer Definable
Video Impedance: 75 ohms
Power Requirements: 5V DC (operates down to ~3.5V, but 5V recommended)
Power Consumption: TBD
1 Power Levels +/- 1dB

Package Included
1 x Nano VTX
1 x Carrier Board with Silicone Gummies
1 x Antenna Cable

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