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ISDT A4 10W 1.5A DC Smart Charger for 10500 12500 AA AAA Battery




Smart Charger: A4
Input Power: DC 5~9V/1.5A
Max Charging Power: 10w
Max Charging Current: 1.00A/slot
Battery Size: AAA,AA,10500,12500
Battery Types: NiMH,NiCd,Li-lon,LiFePO4
Operating Temperature: -10′”-40′”
Dimensions: 596325mm
Weight: 36g
Accessories: USB cable

1. Perfectly compatible with phone power adapters,USB ports, portable power banks and car chargers,auto-matching with the USB charging devices output power.Fast charging is possible when combined with a QC adapter.
2. Automatic battery type identification,the A4 will auto-match the optimal charging algorithm,fully compatible with NiMH, NiCd, Li-lon and LiFePO4 battery.
3. The battery level, type, operation mode and information can be shown clearly by indicators with various color.
4. The ISDT A4 have 4 real independent channels for intelligent current regulation,supports hybrid charging of different types & sizes of batteries.
5. Innovative battery performance detection mechanism,intelligent power allocation, auto-adjust charging parameters.

Packaging included:
1X ISDT A4 Smart Battery Charger (The batteries is not included)

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