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ISDT UC4 18W 5-9V 1S PH2.0 Mini Smart Battery Charger Type C Input





Brand: iSDT
Type: Charger
Input Type: USB Type-C
Input Voltage: 5-9V
Input Max Power: 18W
Output Max Voltage: 4.2V
Output current; 0.1A-1.5A/slot
Support battery: MCPX (4.2V),Lipo-1S*4

UC4 indicator meaning:
Red: battery voltage over 4.4V or charge abnormality
Green: Full Charged
orange with single flicker: normal charging with capacity not more than 40%
orange with couple flicker: normal charging with with 40%-70% of the capacity
orange with triple flicker: normal charging with with 70%-99% of the capacity
Light off: No battery inserted.


overvoltage protection
overcurrent protection
overheat protection
battery reversed polarity protection
charge capacity limitation

Three gear for charger current:

0.5A-white light indicator-single flicker
1A-green light indicator-coupon flickers
1.5A-green light indicator-triple flicker

Packaging Included:
1X ISDT UC4 Charger

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