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JHEMCU Lipo Suction XT60 Plug for 3-6S Lipo Battery Discharger




1.This lithium battery discharger made of high quality material,small size,lightweight and portable.
2.Discharges a good lithium battery to between 3.9V and 4.0V.
3.Used for long-term placement,so that the lithium battery will not break.
4.Efficient heat dissipation.
5.Support 3S,4S,5S,6S discharge.


1. First determine the battery type and number of sections,and adjust the voltage level of the corresponding discharge by pressing the button.
2. As long as the LED light is on,it means the discharger is still in the discharge state. The LED light goes out and the discharge is completed.
3.Since the arrester uses the resistance heat to dissipate excess power. Therefore,there is a “221” resistor on the discharger that is hot. Do not touch it with your hands to avoid burns.

Battery Interface: XT60
Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery / Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Number of Battery Sections: 3S – 6S
Indicator Status: LED
Weight: 4g/0.14oz
Color: Yellow

Package Included:
1 x LIPO Suction

Additional information

Weight 10 g

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