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Matek System VRX 1G3 V2 Fatshark Video Receiver 1.2G 1.3G RX Module




Features & Specifications

Receiver frequency: 9CH (1080MHz to 1360MHz)
RX Sensitivity: -95dBm
Band-pass filter 950MHz ~ 1450MHz
Dual input options: 4 ~ 5V via pin or 6-30V via the “DC” pad on the VRX-DK
Control buttons and LED indicators
Tegangan input VRX-DK 6 ~ 30V (“DC” pad)
Output regulator VRX-DK: 5V 2.5A
Current Consumption: 0.3A @ 5V
Video format: NTSC or PAL
Video Output Impedance: 75Ω, Typ.
Audio Subcarrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz & 6.0MHz
ANT. input impedance: 50Ω, Typ.
RF connector: SMA
2.54mm pin and PCB size compatible with FS module
5pins (5V, Gnd, A6.5, A6.0, Video) works with FS dock
Weight: 12g (without dock), 19g (without dock)
Size: 43 * 27mm board

1x 1.2 / 1.3G VRX-1G3-V2 video receiver
1x dipole antenna_SMA, center freq 1240MHz

Press and hold the button 2 seconds to enter the frequency setting. The Frequency LED is blinking
Press button to select frequency
When the LED flashes at the new frequency, the RF input is activated at this frequency.
The new frequency will be saved if there is no button action within 3 seconds

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