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ORT 5.8G Helical 6 Turn 10dBi RPSMA Long Range Master Antenna




Konektor : RPSMA

ORT 6 Turn Helical Antenna “Long Range Master”
Freq Channel : 5600 ~ 6000 GHz
Gain (dBi) : 10 dBic
SWR/S11 : < 1:1.3
Beam width : 100-120 degrees
Polarization : Circularly Polarized – RHCP
Gain Pattern : Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector : SMA & RpSMA
The helical design has a 180ohm impedance which is not matched with our FPV system with 50ohm impedance. Hence so-called helical tuning is the most important part to ensure the antenna match with our FPV system to provide you with the most efficient directional antenna. A perfect balance between beamwidth vs range.
We Designed the Helical 6 turn to get a perfect balance between performances of beam width (signal coverage) versus range. Covering 100~120 degree of beam width with an effective range of 10~20km and beyond with 600mW video transmitter hence the called of Long Range Master given. We recommend using this with our ORT cocktail Omni antenna to get the best performance.
1. Hand Tuned, 110~120 degree coverage with 15~20km clear ranges and beyond on 600mW Video Transmitter (depends on flying area noise, receiver sensitivity and FPV setup)
2. Enameled Supreme Wire(anti rust)
3. Original Low loss RG402 cable
4. High quality acrylic, providing premium look

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