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ORT 915MHz Moxon V2 ( TBS Crossfire Upgrade Antenna ) SMA




ORT Moxon V2(SMA/TBS Crossfire) perfection of range, beamwidht and professional look!

FrSky R9M should get ORT Moxon 868 & 900Mhz MHz Version/RPSMA

It’s fine tuned, it’s dual frequency 915MHz, it’s ORT Mox-ON! Dual band for your TBS Crossfire!

Specifications :
Type : 915MHz Moxon Antenna (only for TBS 915 system/SMA)
Connector : SMA
Gain/Directivity : ~5dBi (Real)
Bandwidth : 915MHz
Beamwidht : +/- 180 degree
Effective installation : Vertical Polarization (as picture) for longest range

Features :
~ Most powerful dual band 900MHz for longer & stronger signal for TBS Crossfire (FrSky R9M should get ORT Moxon 868 – 900MHz Version)
~ 5dBi gain to fly comfortably with wide beamwidht coverage on a long range quad or even fixed wing
~ smallest & lightest dual band 915MHz directional antenna.
~ Higher quality flexy cable (RG402)

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