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ORT Mavic / Spark Digital System Antenna | Old Radio Transmission




ORT Mavic / Spark Digital System Antenna

Freq Channel: 2400-2500 MHz
Gain (dbi) : 11 dbi
SWR/S11 : < 1:1.5
Polarization: Linearly Polarized
Gain Pattern: Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector: RpSMA for Mavic / Spark (Pigtail Included)

Simplest, Lightest and Longer range antenna solution for Mavic/Spark. A Mavic default range is pretty good in a low noise area where no building or crowded Wi-Fi tower surround, but inside the city where a lot of Wi-Fi interference and building around can make your HD and RC signal link unstable or even turn completely black screen and entirely lost control. Hence we design higher gain and better antenna to get out of most HD and RC signal quality on your Mavic/Spark.
It’s also not always about range, but the peace of mind was taking aerial photo/videography with confidence and highest HD signal quality. A Simplest, lightest and more extended range antenna solution with reasonable prices now available for your aerial drone.

1. Simplest antenna available currently on the market, plug and play without the need for other accessories such as antenna holder or bracket (compact for travelling and such).
2. Lightest antenna available currently on the market, Mavic/Spark is designed for travel, we also designed our antenna to get the lightest material for comfortable travel and flying experience.
3. The longer range available antenna from your default antenna and highest HD signal quality compare to other higher prices antenna.

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