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ORT Pagoda Stubby 5.8G Antenna Goggles Set For DJI FPV Goggle LHCP




Price for 4 pcs
The Pagoda Stubby set from ORT offers a much lower profile omni antenna for your DJI Digital FPV System. Based on your trusted pagoda design but with smaller size and without any compromise on ranges, a perfect companion for already great digital system from DJI.

Consist with set of 4 Micro Pagoda for DJI FPV
Smaller and compact antenna for easy use & storage
Tested to have at least 30~40% better signal/higher bit rate(Mbps) than DJI default antenna(higher efficiency).
Gain : 1.2 dBic
Axial Ratio <1.33(2.5dB)
Efficiency : 95%
Gain Pattern : omnidirectional (360° coverage)
Polarization : LHCP (match with DJI default antenna polarization)
Connector : RP-SMA

4x ORT Pagoda Stubby 5.8GHz Antenna – LHCP

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