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Spedix GS40F 40A 3-6S 4in1 20x20mm BLHeli32 Mini Brushless ESC




Spedix GS40F 4-In-1 Mini 3-6S 40A ESC

GS40F is mounted 20x20mm MINI 4in1 4in1 6S ESC highly reliable. Limited by the smaller size of the ESC 20x20mm, the engineers always use MOSFET mini 3mm, which can not be relied upon to 6S.

This compromise makes ESC is susceptible to damage due to high heat and the demands of the current / voltage FPV market. With the innovative design of ESC 4-in-1, by separating the control board and the power board, Spedix successfully implemented a full-size MOSFET 5x6mm to 20x20mm’s speed controller. They are able to deliver high performance with a mini 6S ESC 20x20mm capability with extreme reliability and responsiveness.

By combining reliable hardware with MCU GD32F3 fastest on the market, able to bring ESC Spedix mini 20x20mm high performance with extreme reliability and responsiveness.

Perfect as a combo with Radix BrainFPV LI or flight controllers sized 20×20 or other full-sized.

Design of an innovative double deck allows the implementation of a full-size 5×6 20x20mm mini 4in1 MOSFET on ESC.
40V MOSFET improve the overall reliability in rapid response to throttle signal, makes input 6 cells were capable of in the real world
GD32F3 MCU provides the highest response in the market.
Its tiny size makes installation on a smaller frame is easier than ever.

Input: 3-6 cells LiPo
Flow Continues: 40A
Burst Current: 50A≤10S
Detection Current: YES
Firmware: BLHeli_32
Dimensions: 40x31x8mm
Hole Mountains: 20x20mm
Weight: 13.2g
Application: 200-300mm drone Racing

Package :
1x Spedix GS40F 4-In-1 Mini 3-6S 40A ESC
4x grommet
4x Standoffs
1x set of wires
1x Capacitors 35V 470uF

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